Hi, I am Alexa Gallo.

I am an award-winning photographer from California. I started shooting weddings back in art school (shout out to Art Center College of Design)! I was studying to become a commercial photographer and beginning to shoot editorial work for clients like Elle, Marie Claire, and Seventeen. As my friends started to get married, I offered to shoot their weddings, as my gift... and I realized right then, I had found my true calling.

The magic of shooting weddings is like nothing else in photography. Having spent many years shooting commercials and editorial work, weddings have become precious, sacred work. There is a wide gulf between the intention of shooting an image to sell a product, and shooting an image to capture a moment of pure love, or a portrait of someone beloved, in all their natural beauty.

Wedding photography for me is about more than just 'capturing the moment'. Of course it is that too! But it's also about seeing deeply, witnessing beauty, and finding the sacred hidden within the ordinary. I'm not interested in "perfect", I love the imperfect! I know that's where we find the most meaning and creativity and unique beauty that makes each of us extraordinary. (I often am hired to shoot other photographers/artists weddings, specifically for that reason.)

I also love to work with people who are not as comfortable in front of the lens! This is true for so many reasons: a) I empathize, as a fellow person who has always been camera-shy, I hate to be photographed!! lol. b) I spent many years shooting professional models, so I know how to quickly set up a pose, without looking contrived. c) It's just so easy for me to find your beauty, it is obvious, even if you don't feel it yourself!


We were blown away by the quality and abundance of spectacular photos that truly captured the spirit of our wedding day. We’re both a little camera shy / inexperienced and Alexa completely put us as ease and made us look natural! There’s something really special about the quality of Alexa’s photos, both from our engagement shoot and our wedding - she is able to capture private little moments in a way that feels intimate and real, not cheesy. We loved the combination of fine art and photo journalistic styles

Lauren + David